Aspers Casino Dress Code

In movies everywhere, you see cool people walking into casinos dressed in tuxes and cocktail dresses, while others are much more casual. How do you know how to dress?

Well, here at Aspers Casino, we have a few rules regarding dress code. We advise you to read it carefully, that way you won’t be turned away at the door and can have an awesome time behind our doors!

What’s Should I Wear at Aspers Casino?

At Aspers Casino, we are proud to say that we like to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that’s fun, loving, and lively for all. Wearing the right attire is part of the ambiance. This is why, under our roof, guests should be wearing smart casual clothing.

For men
  • A smart shirt/t-shirt
  • Blazer/jacket
  • Tie
  • Smart trousers/jeans
For Women
  • A smart blouse/t-shirt
  • Smart trousers/skirt or dress that isn’t too revealing
  • Jewellery is perfectly fine, but hats should be kept off.
  • For shoes, wear what you like as long as you’re comfortable!

As you can see, we’re not too fussed about what you’re wearing as long as you look smart and clean. After all, going to Aspers Casino to gamble should be fun and your clothes should reflect that.

What Shouldn’t I Wear at Aspers Casino?

It might be a better idea to define a dress code at Aspers Casino by informing you what you shouldn’t be wearing. If you are caught wearing anything like the following, you will not be allowed in. After all, you wouldn’t come to your favourite nightclub dressed like a slob now, would you?

Anyway, wearing the following items may result in your ban from entering the casino, so pay attention:

Soiled or Ripped Clothing

While we appreciate stylised “ripped” fashion, it has no place at Aspers Casino. Too casual and looks scruffy. Hopefully we don’t need to explain why soiled or dirty clothes aren’t allowed…

Work Clothing

We love that you’re eager to join Aspers Casino straight from work! But we advise that you go home and get changed first. We want you to be relaxed, after all! Even if you’re wearing an office suit, it’s best to come looking more relaxed.

Clothes with Extreme Wording

What do we mean by this? Well, any item of clothing (and this includes jewellery) that prominently displays swear-words or offensive slogans do not contribute to a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We hope you understand. Aspers Casino has a reputation to maintain.

Vests/Sleeveless Shirts

By all means, wear this underneath a smart blouse or shirt but by itself is at best, too casual, and at worst, quite revealing. Nobody wants to stare at your chest hair while playing poker, thanks!

Swimming Shorts/Cut-off Jeans

Again, shorts are too casual and, unless casinos have a pool (which they rarely do) there is no need for any kind of swimwear.


Your favourite jogging bottoms and hoodie might be great for jogging or hanging around the house in but, at Asper Casino, we expect something with a bit more effort and style.

Steel Toe Capped Boots/Shoes or Trainers

Some footwear can look scruffy too. Make sure you come to Aspers Casino wearing smart, clean shoes. Like your mother, we do not let mud in our house.

Adult Slogans

Similar to extreme wording, adult slogans are not permitted and for similar reasons. This includes anything of a sexual nature. To be on the safe side, avoid anything with writing on it altogether.


Basically, anything you might wear down the high street as a dare but are not allowed in a smart casual environment, like onesies, pyjamas, mascot suit, etc. Overall, it’s just down to common sense. Dress how you would to a dinner party – smart but not too uptight.

Why Can’t I Wear Casual Clothes at Aspers Casino?

Well, like we said, it helps with the atmosphere and keeps things lively. You don’t want things to be too relaxed otherwise some might think the place to be a bit dodgy, but neither do you want it to be too formal as it can intimidate some guests. Sure, there are places that are both but Aspers prefers to find a more effective middle ground.

In case you need more convincing, here are other reasons to dress smart casual at Aspers Casino:

Make It a Night Out:

Like your favourite night club, going to a casino can be an experience in of itself. Dressing up for it makes it extra special and you get to have fun while you do it.


If everyone knows the dress code, nobody gets left out. So no matter how you dress, as long as it’s smart-casual, you won’t be the odd one out.


No one wants their night out ruined by an unfortunate injury. Sadly, pieces of clothing like toe capped boots could cause an injury and this would be rather nasty for someone who’s just out looking for a good time.

It Just Looks Nice

Sometimes, the most obvious reason is the best reason… Dressing smart makes you look nice and we know all our customers can and want to look nice under our roof, and this guide will (hopefully) help you get there.

Can I Wear Formal Clothes at Aspers Casino?

Technically, you can wear formal attire at Aspers Casino, but it would be unnecessary. You are dressing to go to a casino, remember, not for your best friend’s wedding. Tuxedos, cocktail dresses and expensive jewellery are all well and good except you will stand out and not for the right reasons.

Quite apart from feeling sensationally overdressed, other players might target you for having lots and lots of money and will frequently challenge you to poker games. Or mistake you for James Bond, one or the other.

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