Atlantis Casino Dress Code

Over the years, the city of Las Vegas has become synonymous with glamour for its luxury casinos and show palaces offering non-stop entertainment; making it the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” No matter what your budget or longings are, there are an abundance of casinos that you can choose from to satisfy your all of your gaming desires.

One of the best places to visit for a splendid time out would be the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, which functions as both a hotel and a world class casino. The Atlantis offers everything from luxury accommodations, exhilarating casino action, fine dining and an award-winning spa.

With one of the most dynamic floors in the region, The Atlantis Casino showcases numerous hot games, and massive jackpots for the entertainment of all casino goers. To be precise, The Atlantis offers over 1,450 of the latest slots and video poker machines.

Every year, Atlantis is visited by hundreds of thousands of players including professional gamblers. In fact, the most prestigious Poker tournament in the world – PokerStars, has been held here before! It is unquestionable that visiting the Atlantis is an extraordinary occasion on its own.

Dress Code at Atlantis Casino

First things first – the Atlantis does not actually have a strict dress code policy. It is totally up to you to dress up to the nines like James Bond in Casino Royale, or simply put on something simple and neat.

However, do keep in mind that there is an unspoken rule among frequent casino goers that looking presentable is a must, particularly in more high end casinos such as the Atlantis. This rule is further prevalent after 6pm, where the players and visitors tend to dress in even sleeker attires.

That being said, “smart casual” is the recommended dress code in Atlantis. Taking this into account, there is no express requirement for elaborate gowns and tuxedos, but a minimal prerequisite to dress in neat and casual attires and maintain a standard level of hygiene.

Of course, the terms “neat” and “casual” could be interpreted differently and subjectively by different people. Worry not, we will go through a few recommendations below on what you could wear to Atlantis Casino that will turn heads your way!

Recommendations for the ladies:

  • Top – A button down blouse, a plain t-shirt, a polo shirt, a dress top or a turtleneck are all accepted. Avoid tops that are too revealing. Remember, elegance always triumphs in casinos!
  • Bottom – A pair of jeans, khakis, dress pants, slacks and midi or nice skirts are good options. If you have leggings or tights in mind, its best if they could be paired with a tunic top
  • Dresses – Any sundress, midi and maxi dresses will be perfect
  • Jacket – Depending on how susceptible you are to the cold, we recommend bringing along either a cardigan or jumper along
  • Shoes – Court shoes, sandals and heels are best
  • Accessories – This is where you can go wild and let you personality shine! There is no guideline to what accessory you can or cannot wear, so go ahead and complete that elegant look of yours with some accessories!

Recommendations for the men:

  • Top – Polo shirts, button down shirts and turtlenecks are the best choices here. For casual nights in the casino, plain t-shirts will also do the trick
  • Bottom – A nice pair of jeans and khakis are the top recommendations. If you fancy something funkier, you may choose to wear dress shorts, Bermuda shorts or even cargos
  • Jacket – Any casual cardigan or blazer will do the trick, but if you want to stand out, you can rock a leather jacket!
  • Shoes – Whatever you wear, your toes should not be visible. Casual shoes, sneakers and boat shoes are top recommendations

Dress Code Exclusions

Now that we know what is generally accepted, here are some forms of attire you should avoid at all costs. Here is a general list of what you should stay clear from

  • Crocs are a big no-no, and so are dirty shoes. As a general rule of thumb, if you can see your own toes, the foot wear that you are wearing may not be appropriate to be worn into Atlantis Casino
  • Sporting attire and track suits should also be avoided
  • Ripped, torn or soiled clothing. Keep in mind that any attire associated with illegal organisations is also not acceptable on the casino floor
  • Face paint is strictly prohibited from the casino floor. This is to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy a safe and enjoyable night out gambling

If the required dress code is not adhered to, the Atlantis Casino management holds the right to deny entry to any patron.

Dress Code In Restaurants and Bars

Atlantis Dining offers a variety of restaurants offering numerous types of cuisines. The choices are range all the way from casual settings to fine dining. If you happen to be looking for some food at Atlantis Casino, we highly recommend that you try out the Californian cuisine at Bistro Napa, the spices of Italy at Café Alfresco and even fresh sushi at the Sky Terrace Sushi bar. The diversity of food available is astounding and is sure to keep your tummy craving for more!

Do keep in mind that the dress code requirement for each restaurant differs. For example, the Chicago Dogs! Eatery and Purple Parrot Restaurant would only require casual dressing. On the other hand, the Bistro Napa and Sky Terrace Sushi Bar, which has a more sophisticated atmosphere, would require patrons to dress up more formally.

General Tips

In a nutshell, going to the casino does need a little grooming on your part, but it is nowhere like being a model in the New York Fashion Week. Poker Star Lee Jones expressed his thoughts in a blog post stating that “It’s not about the dress code, it’s about getting the corporate world to take us seriously…”

Perhaps when one is dressed more elegantly, one’s confidence is heightened and can be used to their advantage at the poker table, or any other games against other players. So, gear up in an elegant dress or a sleek tuxedo and have an enjoyable time gambling at the Atlantis!

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