Casino Barcelona Dress Code

Have you ever sat down to watch a spy movie and the hero (or heroine) wanders into a high-class casino dressed in a swanky outfit? Yes, it’s pretty glamourous, but in real life, most casinos don’t mind if you dress down a bit.

It really does depend on the casino. One thing is for certain is that they have standards regardless of how casual or formal it is. At Casino Barcelona, it is definitely more on the casual side. Some may say that it’s so casual that there are no rules.

However, there are one or two things that people should bear in mind, otherwise they will be turned away at the door. So, you’d best read this guide to make sure you don’t entangle yourself in any embarrassing moments. You don’t want to be turned away at the door for wearing the wrong outfit now, do you?

What’s Best to Wear at Casino Barcelona?

So, you’ve decided to visit the Casino Barcelona. That’s fantastic! For some, that might be the thing that makes their holiday. So you don’t accidentally end up ruining a good time (and a good holiday to boot), here is what Casino Barcelona expect you to be wearing at the door.

As it’s been stated, the rules are pretty loose at this establishment, so the definitions may be a little vague:

  • Jeans
  • T-shirt
  • Shorts and flip-flops (discretion advised)
  • Trainers
  • Sandals
  • Hoodies (hood down/head uncovered)
  • Fancy dress
  • Sportswear

As you can tell, it’s pretty casual. Casino Barcelona is located in one of the beachiest cities in Europe, if not the world, so it’s natural that there wouldn’t be many expectations to keep up a smart casual appearance. That said, it would be totally okay if you did! Tourism is a big thing too, so you don’t expect many of them to turn out in suits.

In short, just look as clean as you can. You want to have a good time, but you don’t want to look sloppy, either. Simply make sure your attire isn’t just hanging off you in some sort of an unflattering manner.

What Shouldn’t I Wear at Casino Barcelona?

Now we’ve covered what you can wear (at least, what we assume you can wear, because Casino Barcelona are a bit light on details), what can you not wear?

It’s probably easier to remember what you can’t wear as opposed to what you can wear. Thus, we advise you read through this list carefully if you’re thinking about visiting Casino Barcelona.

  • Hats – In most casinos, it’s definitely advised that you don’t wear a hat unless you plan to play poker. It generally looks a bit too suspicious and there’s no need for it inside. Then again, it’s not the worse thing you could wear.
  • Ripped/Dirty Clothes – Soiled clothing is never a good look, no matter what the dress code is. Please try and look clean and presentable before stepping through the doors of Casino Barcelona. They do have a reputation to keep up, after all.
  • Showing Too Much Skin – Again, there’s casual and then there’s naked. Lying dangerously close to the latter is the “showing too much skin angle”. Please be advised that if you want to gamble at Casino Barcelona, your upper body should be covered in a vest or tank top at the very least and that your bottom half is wearing something that has legs. In other words, speedos and bikinis are not allowed.
  • Sunglasses – Like hats, sunglasses look way too suspicious and do not promote a comfortable and safe environment for people. Also, there’s no need for it, seeing as you’ll be indoors for the most part. A notable exception is poker, of course.
  • Inappropriate Outfits – This is a pretty broad spectrum. What is meant by “inappropriate” is anything that could potentially be deemed unsightly or offensive. That means no t-shirts with offensive slogans or rude words on them, excessively suggestive underwear, things of that ilk. Basically, it just comes down to common sense.

It’s integral to keep yourself covered and presentable, not too sloppy and not too dirty. It’s a good thing that Casino Barcelona wants to promote a relaxed atmosphere and you should respect that before stepping through their doors.

Why Go to Casino Barcelona?

As it’s been stated plenty of times, a dress code at any casino creates a level of ambience and quality that should be adhered to. While Casino Barcelona doesn’t expect a great deal from its players, it’s important to remember that for many, it’s a very much meant to be a night out or an enjoyable experience.

Just in case you need more convincing, here are some more reasons people love going to Casino Barcelona:

  • Right Near the Beach: A soon after you have finished relaxing on the beach, you could pop into Casino Barcelona to spin a couple of slots or play at the Roulette table. Its location is ultra-convenient and is a great hotspot for holiday-makers and tourists looking for a fun night out.
  • You Have Great Chances of Winning: Depending how you play, you could end up winning quite a bit in one night. It’s hard to make promises about that, though. Still, better take a group of friends for a morale boost.
  • Don’t Have to Dress Up: As has been made apparent by the mere existence of this article, you don’t have to dress up super-fancy in order to get in this casino. So don’t worry if you didn’t pack a suit for the holiday! Come in as casual as you please!
  • It’s a Fun Night Out: For similar reasons as above, going to Casino Barcelona is a fun night out for anyone, so if you’re in town it’s definitely worth checking out. Even if you’re here for a few days, it should be on your itinerary of top places to visit. It might even be one of the best nights of your life, who knows?
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