Casino Theme Dress Code

Throwing a party? Neat. Decided on a theme yet? Yes, no, maybe? Well, here’s an idea. Why not make it a casino night? Not only will you be able to provide your guests with an extra level of entertainment aside from the usual drinks and chit-chat, you could provide them with all kinds of ideas for costumes.

It’s important, however to establish whatever dress code you’re going for on the invite, so you don’t get your guests looking like a Motley Crew of mismatched gamblers. So, without further ado, here’s a guide on throwing a casino-themed party and keeping the dress code consistent among guests.

Casino Theme Ideas

You may have decided that you want a casino theme, but you still might have decided on what kind of casino theme you want to go for. After all, there are different sorts of casinos (throughout modern times as well as history) and gambling itself is such a broad term that it helps to narrow it down.

Here are a couple of casino theme ideas to get you started on throwing the perfect party among yourselves (by all means take credit, we don’t mind!):

  • Historical Theme – Even the term historical is a little broad but when it comes to gambling there are a few eras throughout human history associated with it. The two major ones are The Wild West and 1930s New York gangster.
    • The Wild West: This theme is pretty straight-forward – just dress up as a cowboy/cowgirl, sheriff or town saloon dealer and you’ve got your costume made.
    • 1930s Gangsters: You may need to do your research with this one as this part of US history just quite complicated (it being the depression and whatnot) but if you’ve watched gangster films set in this time frame then you’ll have a decent idea what to expect.
  • Las Vegas Theme – Always has to be about the USA, doesn’t it? If you want a more modern theme for your party, you could always tell your guests to come dressed up in the paraphernalia associated with an average casino in Sin City. This means anything from a tuxedo, to cabaret dancer, to Elvis Presley! Glitz, glam and a bit of theatrics are the order of the day here. Basically, anything covered in rhinestones. You might even come as a trapeze artist.
  • Mardi-Gras – For those who do not know what Mardi-Gras is, it’s a festival that takes place every year in New Orleans, USA. It includes a massive parade full of colourfully dress performers and artists and, you guessed it, gambling is also part of the festivities.
  • James Bond Theme – Perhaps the most common casino party theme, James Bond is the pinnacle of casino glamour. Anything formal wear, whether that be black tie or white tie, can be worn to these events. So that’s tuxedos for the gentlemen and nice ball gowns and cocktail dresses for the ladies.

So, that’s a couple of themes you can explore for your casino party but there are many more you can use to entertain your guest and be the best host they’ve seen in a long while. If you think creatively, we’re sure you’d be able to come up with a few ideas of your own.

What Not to Wear at Casino Theme Party

No matter what you choose as your casino theme, there are definite no-noes associated with every kind of theme when coming out in costume. If you’re ever invited to a casino party, then you are expected to dress up in some way, shape or form unless your invitation states otherwise. There things you shouldn’t wear are pretty universal, too, so buckle up and get ready because here’s a list of things you definitely shouldn’t wear (or assume you can wear):

  • Casual Clothing – Unless stated otherwise, casual attire is not appropriate for a casino party. It’s a chance to dress up and have fun, not look like you’re playing roulette in your front room. So, things like t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, tracksuits are all ill-advised no matter what kind of party you’re invited to.
  • Beach Clothes – Again, unless this casino literally takes place on a beach (or your casino party has a hot tub), swimwear and beach clothes are best avoided. It’s the rung below “casual” and the one above “naked”. Imagine being in speedos when everyone else turned up in smart office wear. Now that would be embarrassing…
  • Pyjamas – Even if you’re invited to your best mate’s house, don’t show up to a casino theme party in your favourite onesie. It’s literally the opposite of what you’re supposed to wear. It could be a pyjama party only if it says so on the invite but, honestly, please use your brain before you attempt anything like this…
  • Work Clothes – Dirty work clothes are barred from most casinos and are most certainly a no-go for most casino-themed parties. Why would turn up to any party still dressed in your dirty high-vis jacket? At least go home and get changed before going out. Nobody wants to see you all puffy and sweaty having just come out of work.
  • Gym Wear – Again, similar reasons as to why wearing work clothes is a bad idea to a casino-theme party. You’ll be all sweaty and tired and nobody wants to experience that so please shower and dress up nice before stepping out the door.
  • Hats/Sunglasses – Best avoided even at high-end proper casinos, a casino theme party does not need you to wear hats and sunglasses as not only does it look suspicious but it’s also unneeded, unless you’re gambling in full sunshine. But even then, who wears a hat with a suit? Nobody, as we thought.

In conclusion, then, after all these points have been taken into account, you should have a better idea what to do for your casino night. Feel free to take what we’ve said and come up with your own casino theme. After all, it’s more fun that way!

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