Casino Vilamoura Dress Code

The southern coast of Portugal is an amazing holiday destination with its bright beaches, idyllic seaports and laid back people.

They also have casinos there that are worth visiting.

One of such gambler attractions is Casino Vilamoura in Quarteira, Portugal. Located in one of the major centres of tourist attraction in the region, this casino will surely be the jewel in the crown of your holiday if that’s your kind of a guilty pleasure.

Should you decide to visit this gambling haven, we’ve got some tips for you regarding the dress code at Casino Vilamoura. But before we explore the topic, it would be handy to understand what we’re getting ourselves into.

Casino Vilamoura

This south European casino has a lot on offer to those who are looking for some entertainment, whether it’s gambling, socializing or enjoying various shows and musical performances.

It’s the perfect casino for slot machine fans as that’s what this venue has the most of. There are more than 500 slot machines in Casino Vilamoura at this time, including games like Cleopatra II and Nefertiti.

Regarding other casino games, there isn’t much of a selection and fans of classic casino table games often find this upsetting. Nevertheless, if you’re into poker, blackjack or American roulette, there are 18 tables where you can play these games.

What’s more, some local Portuguese dice games are also available in the casino, which isn’t something you’ll easily find anywhere else. So, to sum up, there’s a decent variety of gambling services in the casino, with a focus on slots:

  • 520 slot machines
  • Three Portuguese dice tables
  • Four Blackjack tables
  • Five American Roulette tables
  • Nine Poker tables (Texas Hold ’em)

Other Types of Entertainment

Aside from the gambling facilities, Casino Vilamoura offers an array of other activities to their customers. To begin with, there are three restaurants at the casino, each with a distinct flavour of its own, and an impressive bar.

  • Salão Miralago is the largest and most elaborate of restaurants. It has a stage where various performances are held as well as a view straight to the beach and the sea just outside of the casino premises.
  • Salão Royal is no less magnificent than the aforementioned restaurant, although it’s noticeably smaller. It’s the perfect choice for private parties.
  • If you want to feel the casino atmosphere to full extent, Restaurante Baccarat is there to indulge your wish even while you enjoy the unique flavours of Portuguese cuisine. This restaurant is in the heart of casino action, located in one of the casino halls among the slot machines.
  • The Big Bar is the only bar in the casino, but it’s more than enough. It’s located in a huge open space with a planetarium screen above, many niches for hanging out and luxurious atmosphere to make your experience truly special.

Casino Vilamoura is also a frequent host of various performances, concerts and other cultural events. From dancing programmes to live orchestral music events, you can expect it all.

Keep in mind that such events aren’t daily, however, so chances of accidentally stumbling upon one are relatively slim. If you do decide to attend, don’t forget to dress appropriately!

Casino Vilamoura Dress Code

The dress code at Casino Vilamoura is smart casual, which makes it perfect for tourists who don’t usually bring fancy dresses or suits with them. You wouldn’t want to go straight to Vilamoura with just your bikini on after the beach, but it’s pretty laid back otherwise.

Although this casino is pretty exquisite and much fancier than your local gambling venue, it isn’t necessary to look like a VIP. That is, unless you want to look like one, in which case just go ahead!

What Exactly Is Smart Casual

You must have heard of the term ‘smart casual’, yet it’s a little broad and tends to have different meanings in different context.

So, to clear up any misunderstandings, here’s what smart casual means at Casino Vilamoura. The possible options for your outfit includes but isn’t necessarily limited to:

  • Blazers and sweaters
  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • Shirts and sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Trousers like chinos or jeans
  • Shorts are fine too, if they’re tailored
  • All types of footwear will be fine, with a possible exception for trainers and flip-flops

So, as you can see, there are many options as most casual items will do just fine. If you still find it difficult to decide, dress as if you were going out for a movie or to a local restaurant.

Smoking at Casino Vilamoura

Casino Vilamoura is well-known for allowing the visitors to smoke inside, so it can occasionally become rather smoky over there. While that’s not an issue to many, some people won’t like the smell and the fact that people around them smoke in general.

It’s also something that you should pay attention to when choosing what to wear for the occasion.

If you aren’t a smoker yourself, spending a few hours in a confined area with smokers will probably leave a certain fragrance on your clothes. It isn’t ideal if you, for whatever reason, want to look formal and sophisticated afterwards.

Special Dress Code in Different Areas

At Casino Vilamoura, most gambling facilities are located in halls separate to the bar and restaurants (with the exception of Restaurante Baccarat). So, depending on your activities at the casino, you’re able to abide by a slightly different dressing code.

For example, if you want to participate in a poker tournament, you’ve slightly more freedom than those who are enjoying a musical in the Salão Miralago restaurant or attending a Portuguese philharmonic orchestra performance in the concert hall.

In other words, if you want to leave your options open when visiting this casino, at least make sure your t-shirt isn’t too wrinkled.

Prices at Casino Vilamoura

Finally, dressing style is something you may choose according to the people around. To help you get an idea of people visiting Casino Vilamoura, here’s a short list of prices you can expect for various services and entertainment in it:

  • Entrance: Free
  • Slots: Minimum €1 Bet
  • Roulette: Minimum €5 Bet
  • Casino Chip Cash-in: Minimum €10
  • Food and Drinks: Prices vary, but are generally cheap

Even if that doesn’t tell much about the outfit you should aim for, we’re sure this information will be handy when planning your visit at Vilamoura. We hope you enjoy it and may the luck be on your side!

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