Genting Casino Edinburgh Dress Code

About Genting Casino Fountain Park, Edinburgh

If you are out looking for an eventful place to spend your night at, look no further than the Edinburgh Genting Casino. Here, you will not only be treated to a classy and cosy interior, but also with your favourite casino games such as American Roulette, Texas Hold-em Poker, Blackjack and even Electronic Roulette.

In addition to that, you may feast at the Award-Winning 5 star Fahrenheit Restaurant serving scrumptious traditional Scottish Cuisine late into the night. If this is your first visit, fear not – all the staff and dealers are extremely friendly and are always on hand to help if you have any questions.

For many casino goers including ourselves, visiting a casino like Genting is an occasion of its own. Not only do you want to adhere to the casino dress code, you are probably going to dress to impress. After all, winning in style is simply better than just winning.

Dress Code at Genting Casino Fountain Park

It goes without saying that casino visitors are expected to adhere to a minimum dress code standard. More often than not, casinos have a dress code policy for all their visitors. Amongst players, being presentable and looking pleasant is typically an unspoken rule in high-end casinos like Genting.

That said, the recommended dress code at Genting is smart casual. Speaking of smart casual, this dress code is an ambiguously defined dress code that generally describes a neat yet casual attire. There is no requirement for flowy ball gowns and tuxedos as comfort is definitely key when you are playing.

By definition, the word “neat” would mean that there would exist a few exceptions in dress code that have to be avoided, as you do not want to get turned away by the casino host at the door. The following dress code is considered unacceptable:-

  • Slippers, Crocs, dirty shoes or bare feet
  • Sporting attire or tracksuits
  • School uniforms
  • Tank tops and singlets
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Beach sandals, massage sandals
  • Caps, bandanas, hats
  • Ripped or torn clothing
  • T-shirts with offensive and racial slurs
  • Manual work attire and boots
  • Board shorts

Please also take note that there is a requirement to remove all trench coats, bulky jackets and overcoats as they cannot be worn in the Casino. These items may be cloaked at Casino Services at the front desk.

If required dress code not adhered to, Genting Casino Edinburgh reserves the right to deny entry.

Dress Code at the Fahrenheit Restaurant

The Fahrenheit Bar & Grill located at the casino is an award-winning 5-star restaurant that showcases the absolute best of traditional Scottish cuisine. It has a pleasant and sophisticated interior and features the best in haute cuisine and entertainment. Many diners have only good things to say about the food and pleasant customer service by the in-house manager, Steven. The diners do not have to hit the gaming tables to enjoy an evening here. As the environment is rather fancy, you get to dress to the nines if that’s what you desire!

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the ambiguity of the dress code, here are a few attire suggestions that are definitely accepted in both the casino floors and the Fahrenheit Restaurant.

Attire Suggestions For Ladies

  • Dress : Conservative cocktail dress, “little black dress” that fits most occasions
  • Top: Sweaters, Appropriate blouses that are not see through and t-shirts. However, avoid any t-shirts with offensive and inappropriate slogans
  • Jacket: Cardigan
  • Bottom: Jeans, Long skirts, Dress pants, Leggings, Tights
  • Shoes: Heels, platform shoes, a pair of flats

Attire Suggestions For Men

  • Top: Smart T-shirts are allowed. As previously mentioned, avoid any t-shirts with inappropriate slogans
  • Bottom : Jeans, Khaki pants and smart looking shorts will be great
  • Jacket : Cardigan
  • Shoes: Casual shoes like sneakers and boat shoes work fine. To be safe, always make sure to cover your toes!

General Casino Dress Code Tips

Speaking from experience, we highly recommend all players to plan what they wear by first understanding what your night in Genting Casino would look like. For instance, if you intend to indulge yourself in games with dealers and / or other players, we highly suggest that you bring out your ‘A’ game.

Who knows, perhaps looking like a professional gambler may give you a psychological advantage over other players. On the contrary, if you are only planning to hit the slot machines, you may decide to prioritise comfort over looks.

A general rule of thumb in the Genting Casino is that players and visitors in the casino tend to be dressed better after 6pm and especially so on weekends. Also, please make an effort to check the casino page in case there are special events that require you to dress a certain way. For example, if the casino is holding a themed party (say a black tie event), this could mean that to obtain entry, a more formal dress code may be required.

The main reason why dress codes exists is because it represents an image that any establishment wants to uphold. By that we don’t expect anyone and everyone to pretend that they are James Bond gearing up for a night of Casino Royale. Instead, understand why you are going to the casino, and dress up accordingly.

Remember, you always want to be as comfortable as possible whist facing your enemies (be it other players or the dealer). Looking good may give the impression that you are extremely confident and may work exceptionally well in games against other players like in Poker.

If in any case you are still unsure of what to wear during your night out to Genting Casino, we suggest that you pack a spare. In the event that you have misjudged the specified dress code or just happen to go on a day featuring a special event, you will be more than prepared. If you end up not needing it, you can always tuck it away nicely in your car for other occasions.

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