Grosvenor Casino Southampton Dress Code

Grosvenor Casinos are very popular in the UK thanks to their quality as well as sheer numbers. There are more than 50 of them scattered across the country, which makes them easily accessible for everyone.

On top of that, each one of them offers a great variety of gambling facilities and quality entertainment. The same applies to Grosvenor Casino in Southampton.

Grosvenor Casino Southampton

It’s one of the most popular gambling locations in the city for more than one reason. There’s a variety of games available for play and other entertainment at all times because the casino is open 24/7.

It has over 50 slot machines, including popular titles such as Cleopatra, Book of Dead and Lucky Lady’s Charm. There are dozens of roulette, blackjack and poker tables too, as well as some sports screens.

There are three different gambling halls and other areas including:

  • A poker room dedicated to casual games and tournaments
  • The main hall (full of other table games and slots)
  • The slot machine room
  • A bar with some extra slot machines
  • A restaurant

Despite being larger and having more on offer than your average local casino, you’d be surprised how casual Grosvenor Casino Southampton is in terms of dress code.

Grosvenor Casino Dress Code

To be fair, all Grosvenor Casinos have similar rules for their customers and their dress code. So, if you’ve played at one of them before, you can just follow the same rules at the casino in Southampton.

If you’re new to Grosvenor Casinos, however, or new to gambling altogether, worry not. The dress code isn’t very strict, nor are the rules too specific. Here they are for both ladies and gents.

Dress Code at Grosvenor Southampton for Men

The general rule of thumb that Grosvenor Casinos suggest to their players regarding dress code is smart casual. You don’t need to dress up as a millionaire, although you totally can if you want to.

On the other hand, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your clothing. Both you and the casino will like it better if you enjoy yourself and a tight tuxedo won’t make that any easier for most players.

So, the two most important rules to remember are:

  • Ideally, aim for smart casual
  • Stay comfortable

In other words, whenever you’re going out to Grosvenor Casino Southampton, act as if you were going to a local restaurant or a neat bar.

Some usual choices include a pair of jeans, pants or even shorts. For the upper body, even a simple t-shirt will do fine. Cardigans and casual sweatshirts are also perfect. Just remember to stay comfortable and don’t overthink it.

You can also take the season into consideration. Shorts and other clothes that provide less coverage are totally acceptable when it’s hot outside, as that’s what most people prefer during such conditions anyway.

Dress Code at Grosvenor Southampton for Ladies

Ladies should act according to the same convention we mentioned above. At Grosvenor Casino Southampton, smart casual and comfortable clothes are the perfect choice.

Even though the casino offers a bright and sophisticated environment for people, there’s no specific dress code other than the aforementioned suggestions, even if they’re vague.

On the bright side, this leaves a lot of options open. Whatever you would wear when going out to a restaurant or some public event will do just fine here.

An evening dress with a pearl necklace is definitely not necessary here, although you’re free to be fancy as well. While some people enjoy gambling more when they’re dressed up properly, most women who play at Grosvenor prefer comfort.

A few examples of the usual dressing styles include simple pants, jeans or a skirt, a blouse, a sweater or a jacket. Shirts, t-shirts and shorts are fine too, especially during the warmer seasons. Some people gamble with coats on too and the staff doesn’t care much at all.

What NOT to Wear At Grosvenor Casino Southampton

While the dress code is pretty lax at Grosvenor Casino Southampton, not everything will be seen as appropriate.

There are a few clothing styles that won’t be accepted, even if you feel comfortable in them. These are:

  • Sportswear
  • Work wear
  • Scruffy clothes in general

If you avoid these, you’ll probably have no problems, even when your style isn’t exactly the perfect example of smart casual.

Grosvenor Casino isn’t a Fancy VIP-Exclusive Venue

By now it must be pretty clear that everyone is welcome at Grosvenor Casinos, including the one at Southampton. It isn’t a VIP-exclusive venue, which means that some exceptions regarding the dress code are possible.

We’ve already mentioned above that certain seasons can affect what style will feel acceptable at this casino. People have been playing both slot machines and poker tournaments with winter jackets as well as loose t-shirts.

While such practice isn’t encouraged, the staff may let you in with individual sports clothing items and work wear. That is, as long as you aren’t wearing a full football suit with spike soles or dirty items.

You wouldn’t want your fellow gamblers to feel uncomfortable now, would you?

Special Dress Code For Different Rooms

Southampton’s Grosvenor Casino has three different gambling halls, plus a bar with some extra slot machines and the restaurant. Naturally, a few conventional differences in the usual dress code apply to some of these areas.

The Poker Room

Professional poker players don’t wear tight suits or exquisite designer clothes. They wear hoodies, sunglasses and baseball hats! That’s what you’re more than welcome to wear at the dedicated poker room.

The same style might not be seen as appropriate at the restaurant or the main hall of casino table games, however. Again, smart casual is a perfect choice. Otherwise, just take off your hood and sunglasses if you decide to play blackjack after a poker session.

Slot Machine Room

If you’re planning to stick to the slot machine room, you can feel a little more relaxed too. That’s partly because slot machines are located in the first room you’ll enter at Grosvenor Casino Southampton, so it’s naturally not as strict as the main floor.

Not that it’s strict anywhere at Grosvenor. So, to sum up, don’t forget to have fun, wear what feels nice and don’t let your clothes discomfort you!

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