Guidelines for Casino Dress Code for Ladies and Men

So, you have decided on a day, a time and a place. You are ready to relax, have some fun and put down some chips; the casino is calling. But wait, what about your attire? Don’t you want to look the part and truly immerse yourself in the whole casino experience?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Whilst we cannot promise that you will look quite as suave as James Bond or as glamorous as Sharon Stone, we can provide you with the pointers you need.

General Casino Dress Code Guidelines

If you stepped into a UK casino not so long ago, gentlemen donning suave suits and ladies in elegant dresses was commonplace. However, the gambling industry has changed pretty significantly over the past two to three decades, and these changes appear to be inexorable.

Gambling has proliferated throughout society and the typical gambler is an altogether different breed to the one of yesteryear. Dress codes in casinos have matched these trends and have downscaled as a result.

The truth is that the vast majority of UK casinos don’t have a strict dress code now. For instance, Grosvenor Casinos state on their website for customers to dress “smart casual and be comfortable”. The flashy attire we see in casinos on the big screen is not the norm nowadays. Still, in the more upmarket casinos of the larger cities there may be stricter dress codes.

Stick to the mantra of smart-casual as a general guideline. For men, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt/shirt and smart shoes will be suitable in most casinos and certainly in the likes of Grosvenor, Hippodrome and Aspers. For ladies, a modest maxi dress is a good option.

What Should I Not Wear At a Casino?

Firstly, let’s begin with what you should not wear. The general rule is that you should not enter a casino looking like you have just woken up, or as if you are about to embark on a day of watching TV.

Scruffy clothing will be frowned upon, and you may be refused entry. As a general guide:

  • Sportswear is considered unacceptable
  • Do not wear workman-type clothes
  • No dirty clothing
  • No beachwear (I hear you, this is the UK not the Bahamas)
  • Ladies, no leggings
  • Caps, sunglasses and hoodies are generally not acceptable, but there may be exceptions

Casino Dress Code For Ladies

For ladies, the key is to strike a balance between elegance and modesty. Do not flaunt too much as it is generally considered bad taste in casinos, and this is particularly true for the more upmarket establishments.

Of course, some ladies may wish to dress with glitz and glamour. In fact, in the trendier casinos of the larger cities, dressing glamorously is not unusual. Still, sparkling gowns and jewellery are absolutely not necessary. A sequin dress with heels or a metallic top with elegant black trousers are both good options for this style.

General pointers for glitzy dressing:

  • Wear comfortable footwear – you may spend long stretches of time on your feet
  • Heels need not be stiletto-style!
  • With black pants, choose a top with a sharp, contrasting shade
  • Black, silver, gold and red work well for sequined pieces
  • Choose jewellery which compliments your attire

Alternatively, sophistication, paired with style, is sure to work a treat. This is an unflashy look which is versatile. It is suitable for most, if not all casino environments. Some guidelines:

  • A pencil skirt works wonders for this style; alternatively, dark work-style trousers
  • Choose a bold colour of top. Red, blue and yellow generally work well
  • A short-sleeved shirt or a sleeveless blouse are good options
  • Turtleneck tops also work
  • Choose simple black heels
  • Wear subtle, but stylish jewellery; colourful earrings are a nice touch

A more relaxed dress style is perfectly acceptable for most casinos. A modest maxi dress with thick shoulder straps is a fantastic option for a relaxed dress style:

  • Try to avoid dresses without shoulder straps
  • Ballet shoes and flat pumps work well; no need for heels
  • Be sure that your outfit pieces compliment each other; a flowery dress with plain-coloured footwear, for example
  • A standard blue denim jacket can be worn over your dress

Casino Dress Code For Men

As a standard, just remember – smart-casual. Jeans, a t-shirt/shirt and smart shoes are perfectly acceptable in most casino environments.

Men do not need to confuse themselves with the dizzying array of attire worn by Al Pacino in the film Casino. Just keep it simple and make a bit of an effort.

For a relaxed and casual look, go for the simple t-shirt/shirt and jeans. Alternatively, khaki pants and chinos are fine. For footwear, loafers work well. Just avoid glaring shirts such as those of the Hawaiian variety.

Still, what if you want to waltz into the casino with a bit of style and swag and not in a simple t-shirt and jeans? Here are some good options for the glitzy look:

  • Wear dressy black or grey trousers
  • A stylish shirt to go with the trousers; try shades contrasting with your trousers and see which colour compliments your trousers best
  • Smart black shoes in Oxford style are an excellent choice for this look

For a sophisticated touch:

  • Dark trousers
  • A collared or button-down shirt
  • Tie is optional
  • A semi-formal blazer matching the trousers
  • Dark shoe
  • Ensure the outfit is colour-coordinated

Of course, you could opt for a very flashy look, bow tie included. However, in most UK casinos you will probably look painfully out of place. In your standard UK casino, avoid it.

A blazer will spruce up pretty much any choice of attire. It’s a sure way of effortlessly looking the part in a casino.

Casino Dress Code Exceptions

In the elite casinos of the big UK cities, you should contact them directly to establish the dress code. As a general rule, just scale up your attire in accordance with the class of establishment.

Also, be aware that in the VIP sections of casinos and the private rooms, there is likely to be a slightly different dress code to the rest of the casino.

Ultimately, if you dress in a smart-casual manner you will be absolutely fine in most UK casinos. Nonetheless, as we’ve pointed out, there are other looks which you can opt for if you are feeling that way inclined.

Or view is that if you are going to the casino as a treat, why not make a bit of an effort and dress-up? Who knows, maybe all that luck you have been waiting for will suddenly find its way to you.

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