Hippodrome Casino Dress Code

Located in the heart of London, The Hippodrome Casino is one of the UK’s most popular and largest bricks and mortar casinos. This means it’s the perfect place to play if you’re a gambling fanatic or simply up for a great night out! However, as The Hippodrome Casino is situated in a very impressive building with a Leicester Square address, it can often seem rather fancy and so it’s natural to question what the dress code for an establishment like this may be.

Brick and mortar casinos often have dress codes and whilst sometimes this is simply to make sure all players are presentable, they are often imposed as security measures too. This means that it’s very important to consider your outfit when thinking about visiting a casino like The Hippodrome.

In today’s guide we’ll talk about The Hippodrome Casino’s official dress code guidelines and the reasons behind them, so that you can make sure you’re not turned away at the door should you want to play there!

The Hippodrome Casino Dress Code

Despite its flamboyant interior and historic reputation, the Hippodrome Casino does not actually have a dress code. The casino’s guideline state that they encourage players to feel comfortable and so, whilst many decide to dress up just for the fun of it, jeans and t-shirts are allowed. The casino does however insist that patrons are dressed ‘to an acceptable standard’. This essentially means that you shouldn’t turn up looking too scruffy.

There is one other rule the casino does require you to comply with, and this is to make sure your sartorial choices will not offend other customers. This means that outfits with religious significance, football shirts and shirts with offensive or political messages on them are prohibited. It also means that those man-kinis you bought for your mate’s stag do are probably out of the question.

Although the Hippodrome Casino do not implicitly state that hats, headwear and caps may not be allowed, this is a common casino rule. This is because bricks and mortar casinos are secured via surveillance cameras. Anything, therefore, which may make it hard to identify individuals on those cameras may be asked to be removed. This same rule may apply to sunglasses or other items of clothing or accessories which obscure the face.

These security measures are all implemented at the casino’s digression and so try not to get offended if it seems like there’s one rule for some players and one room for the others. Chances are the casino will know regular players very well and be able to identify them from a far with ease. At the end of the day, these security measures not only protect the casino but they protect other players too and should be respected.

A Brief History of the Hippodrome Casino

As we mentioned earlier, the Hippodrome Casino is one of the UK’s biggest and most popular land-based casinos, having launched just under six years ago. However, as well as being an excellent place to play, did you know that the Hippodrome Casino actually gives you a peek into London’s rich history of entertainment?

The Hippodrome Casino is housed within the Hippodrome building, situated just off Leicester Square in London and although the casino only opened its doors five years ago, the building has been there for over 110 years.

The Hippodrome London first opened in 1900, having been designed by architect Frank Matcham and built to house circus and variety performances. Since then, the building has been used as both a theatre and a nightclub, with many famous faces gracing its stage. From Charlie Chaplin to Julie Andrews, The Jackson 5 to Shirley Bassey, the Hippodrome was the place to be if you wanted to a star-studded, glamorous night out.

Hippodrome Casino as of Recent

In 2009 plans were revealed to turn the building into a casino, and a £40 million refurbishment project began to take the building back to its grandiose heyday. In 2012 the Hippodrome Casino finally opened and has since become synonymous with luxury gaming.

The casino includes four floors of gaming, a highly acclaimed restaurant, various different bars and even a burlesque club! The casino has also a plethora of accolades, such as the ‘Best Land-based Casino’ award the Totally Gaming Awards and it now hosts some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world too.

The Hippodrome Casino Experience Online – Sans The Hippodrome Dress Code

If you’ve never been to the bricks and mortar Hippodrome Casino, then we urge you to try it out as soon as possible. It’s not only a brilliant night out, but there’s hundreds of different gaming options and the building, as we mentioned earlier, is absolutely fantastic. Furthermore, as you can see from the casino’s informal dress code, it’s an inclusive establishment that’s only aim is to make sure everyone has a good time and so you should ever worry about being underdressed (or overdressed)!
However, if you don’t think visiting the Hippodrome Casino in London is for you, then why not try out the Hippodrome Casino Online? There’s definitely no dress code to adhere to here; you can play in your pyjamas, on the go, in the bath – whenever, wherever and dressed in whatever clothes you feel like!

How To Join the Hippodrome Online Casino and Receive £1,000 Worth of Bonuses:

  1. Visit The Hippodrome Online Casino Here
  2. Register at the site by providing your personal details
  3. Make a first deposit of £20 or more for a 100% match deposit bonus, up to £250
  4. Make a second deposit of £20 or more for a 25% match deposit bonus, up to £250
  5. Make a third deposit of £20 or more for a 50% match deposit bonus, up to £500

The Hippodrome Casino online offers all player a fantastic casino experience, with over 450 games from a variety of word-class software developers. These include video slots, table games, live dealer rooms so that you can enjoy the glamour of the casino from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, the Hippodrome Casino online also runs flawlessly across all devices which means you can even access it from smartphones and tablets. Another great benefit of opting for the Hippodrome Casino online over its bricks and mortar counterpart, is that you can rest assured that you’ll often get more bang for your buck. The online casino runs regular and seasonal promotions, as well generous welcome bonuses for all new players and a rewarding loyalty scheme for returning players.

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