Betfair Casino Review: Bonus & Promo Codes

In 2000, a revolution began in the world of sports gambling. Today, it is evident that Betfair was one of the bookmakers that spearheaded this revolution. As its stands, Betfair is one of the first-ever bookmakers to partner with Fulham, an English football team in the 2002/2003 season.

Unlike other online gambling platforms, Betfair has granted the opportunity to its users to “be the bookie.” This simply means that as a player, you are the one in charge. You can play as you like, win as you want and cash out whenever you feel comfortable.

To make things icier, Betfair offers you a universe of games and markets to keep you busy. According to Betfair, players shouldn’t just be playing. They should be winning. Fairness in play is the hallmark of Betfair.

After its establishment in 2000, Betfair revolutionized all fronts, consistently expanding its services daily, meeting and surpassing all expectations.

In 2016, Betfair Casino merged with Paddy Power, another established casino at that time, spreading its wings further.

Betfair was founded in mid-2000 by business enthusiasts and partners; Edward Ray and Andrew Black. Both owned majority of the shares in the company for decades until 2006. Then, Softbank decided to purchase 23% of the company’s shares, which was valued at £1.5 billion.

Later that same year, Betfair acquired the ownership of Portway Press Limited, also known as Horseracing Publishing Company. Three years later, Betfair purchased TVG Network, a TV guide in the United States, in a deal worth $50 million.

Pros of Betfair

  • Great and fantastic odds
  • Mouth-watering welcome bonus
  • Very reliable and trusted.
  • Multiple award-winning bookmaker.
  • A long list of games
  • Multiple live games in play.
  • Licensed by the UGC

Cons of Betfair

  • High charges on withdrawal
  • Few bonuses for existing customers compared to other platforms.

Betfair Quick Overview

Casino Name: Betfair

Payment Percentage: 99%

Payout Speed: 48 hours

Casino Name: Betfair

Owner: Flutter Entertainment

Game Offered: American football, Australian rules, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, Bowls, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Floorball, Football, Golf, Greyhound racing, Handball, Horse racing, Ice hockey, MMA, Motorsport, Olympic sports, Pelota, Rugby league, Rugby union, Snooker, Tennis, Volleyball, Winter sports.

Languages Supported: English

Payment Method: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, Bank Transfer and Cheque.

Betfair Games

American football, Australian rules, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, Bowls, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Floorball, Football, Golf, Greyhound racing, Handball, Horse racing, Ice hockey, MMA, Motorsport, Olympic sports, Pelota, Rugby league, Rugby union, Snooker, Tennis, Volleyball

Betfair Welcome Bonus

As one of the very biggest betting brands globally, there are several bonuses you can win as a new player. New customers can get up to £100 in rewards simply by signing up with Betfair. Also, rounds of consecutively staking £10 could make you receive another£20 in reward.

These rewards apply to sports gambling only. For new Betfair Casino players, signing up unlocks 100 free spins and an extra £30 bonus for casino games only. To unlock these rewards, a customer is expected to sign up and make a one-time £10 deposit.

To activate your welcome bonus on Betfair, follow these steps below:

  • Create a verified Betfair account. Deposit the minimum qualifying bet and stake games with the same amount. This will instantly unlock your welcome bonus.
  • This offer and promotion only apply to the Betfair sportsbook and casino, respectively.
  • After a day of making qualifying bets, your rewards will be available either for staking games only.

After unlocking your bonus, you are free to stake or wager on unlimited games and markets available. All successful earnings will be available for withdrawal to your bank account. However, these earnings exclude your initial deposit/promotion bonus.

You can also continue to stake games with your earnings if you wish. Note that these bonuses or offers are only available to UK or Ireland players.

How to Sign-up for Betfair Casino

The sports gambling business has agencies that strictly monitor the activities of bookmakers around the world. Many sports gambling companies have defrauded players of their hard-earned money.

Due to this, the international gambling community and other gambling authorities have put strict laws in place to regulate and control gambling activities.

First of all, gambling is considered illegal in many countries and prohibited. In other places, gambling is welcomed; however, there are strict laws in place to ensure transparency between the bookmakers and customers.

To sign up for Betfair, you must be from an eligible location. What this means is that gambling must be permitted in whichever location you are.

Also, the minimum age required to participate in gambling activities is 18. If you meet these two requirements, you can sign up with Betfair.

Follow the Steps Below if you wish to register with Betfair. The process is easy and very straightforward.

  • Head to, the official website of the company
  • Search for the place where it says, “create an account to join,” and click.
  • Provide your name, date of birth, gender, mobile number and all other required information. Note that you must provide a personal email and phone number that you can access.
  • Choose a suitable username and password that are easy to remember.
  • Select your preferred currency, and set your security question.
  • Choose your deposit limit and account frequency.
  • After filling in all the required information correctly, click on “sign up.”

After signing up, a verification code will be sent to your email and mobile number. Provide this code to Betfair and follow the steps they require for your account to become active. This whole verification process might take up to 72 hours.

Betfair Promo Code

Betfair rarely offers promotions and bonuses to existing customers compared to other gambling sites. This is not to say there are no promotions or offers to boost your morale, but they rarely occur.

Betfair will notify you via email or your registered phone number whenever there are offers, promotions, and bonuses. This is why customers are required to provide a phone number or email that they have access to while registering.

This email provided comes with a direct link that you can click to claim your offer. When you click this link, you will be directed to a landing page with an ” opt-in ” button. Click on this button to unlock the bonus.

Once in a while, you might receive notifications about free football offers on the platform. Football, as it stands, is probably the most popular sport on Betfair; hence many offers come in this section.

From time to time, you may also receive promotional offers in other sports and across other markets. Football lovers should watch out for such offers. These offers include; improved odds, big payouts, or even building your own bets.

Most offers and promotions on Betfair are used to welcome new customers to the platform. Some of the offers you may get are displayed below.

ProductBetfair Promo Code
PokerUse qualifying links

Making Deposits on Betfair

As a registered member of Betfair, you are required to make deposits before you can enjoy the platform’s benefits.

To make your first deposit, go to the official website or the app. Look for the deposit button. It is a small, grey rectangular button. Clicking this button leads to the payment section.

Choose your most preferred deposit option. The default option is the debit card option. You may continue if you are comfortable with this; otherwise, switch to your preferred deposit option among those listed. Other deposit options include bank transfer, PayPal and Skrill.

Enter the amount you want to deposit. Alternatively, you may select the default options for £100, £50 or £25. Click the deposit button to complete your transaction. The money is debited and transferred to your Betfair account almost immediately.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawal time on Betfair could take up to 48hours sometimes, and this depends on the withdrawal method you use.

  • Skrill, Qiwi, NETELLER, PayPal and other eWallets take an average of 4 hours. Qiwi might take up to 48 hours in most cases.
  • Bank withdrawal takes longer than usual. The following shows the time taken to withdraw using other withdrawal methods.
  • UK express bank takes between two working days. The bank charge a small fee to use this service.
  • Standard Bank transfer takes three work days at most.
  • Withdrawing through a debit card can take between 2 to 5 days to process.
  • ApplePay as well takes at most 5 work days to process your funds.

Betfair Website Review

  •  Mobile Review

Betfair’s official site is very busy. New players may find it difficult to navigate the website. Like other gambling platforms, Betfair has a mobile-friendly app for players who wants a better experience.

The Betfair mobile app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, respectively. To download the app, simply type “Betfair” mobile app on google. Download the apk, and install the app. In some cases, your device may ask you for permission to allow download from external sources. Simply authorize this permission request and download it right away.

With the desktop version of the site, it is difficult to flick between the exchange service and the sportsbook services. This could be frustrating, especially for first-time users.

Betfair has created a sportsbook and an exchange app to solve this issue. One can redirect to the sportsbook section by clicking a quick link in the exchange app. To find this quick link, go to the A-Z section of the app.

Betfair mobile app is user-friendly, easy to use and extremely fast. Also, while using the app, you can easily access offers and promotions.

  • Betfair Desktop Review

The desktop version of Betfair is somewhat different from the mobile version. The desktop is slightly clumsy, busy and very difficult to navigate.

You might need a wider screen to get a more efficient version of the site’s home page. This will allow for a proper display of the site’s features. In the exchange section, the sports betting market is very easy to locate. You will also see the live streaming section on the exchange.

On the site’s desktop version, you can watch live games, and the list is endless. The available sports and market make it clear why Betfair is one of the very best gambling sites in the UK today.

On the desktop site, you can see the login and sign-up button in the top right corner. You may also scroll across the site to get familiar with some features. It’s not hard!

Betfair Casino Website

Betfair Casino Security

Every bookmaker, sports betting company or whatever it is put strict security measures in place for transparency and safety of its customers.

Players are allowed to exercise their rights freely on Betfair. To do so, players can contact Betfair customer service. Players can also visit the “Your Rights” section on the Betfair official website. Betfair also has a DPO (Data Protection Officer) who attends to issues concerning players’ rights.

The DPO can be accessed through Power Leisure Bookmakers Limited of Belfield Office Park, Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4, D04V972 is the official data controller of Betfair Limited.

Signing up on Betfair requires that you provide some personal information about yourself. These details include your full name, gender, date of birth, postal address, email, phone number, bank details, etc.

Betfair requires this information for the sole purpose of registration and continued use of Betfair’s services.

The platform might also collect other details such as device name, IP address, and browser information. It is important that players are fully aware of these details before signing up.

All information provided on Betfair is verified using external third-party sources. Also, all personal data might not come directly from players as Betfair seeks personal information through third-party partners such as Facebook, other social media partners and other sports gambling platforms.

The reason for this is to ensure that all Betfair users are in compliance with the company’s terms and legal obligations. Also, personal information helps the company to offer more enhanced and personalized services.

For instance, Betfair’s social media partners, such as Facebook, might provide the platform with your private information for marketing and advertising purposes. This happens when you access such social media platforms through Betfair or when you link your social media (Facebook, Instagram) profiles to Betfair.

Betfair In-Play & Streaming

Just a few bookies can afford to offer live game streaming services to their customers, and Betfair stands tall among them. Some bookies could afford to stream a number of games such as football or horse racing which is great. Betfair beats them all with a long list of sports which is incredible. To stream a live game on the site, head to the sports section and look for the “Live Stream tab.”

In the live stream section, you will find games such as football, cricket, horse racing, and basketball, all available for live streaming.

In the live stream tab area, you’d also find a list of upcoming games you could stream later. Players who love streaming should keep tabs so as not to miss important live matches.

To be eligible for live streaming, you have to meet these conditions below:

  • For football and other games, you must have funded your account and placed bets in the last 24 hours prior to the beginning of the game.

For horse racing; 

  • You should at least place a 50p bet on horse racing games
  • You must have a minimum of £5 on the horse racing exchange

Betfair General Review

While Betfair is one of the very best sports bookmakers in the world, they have lots of things to work on as well. Betfair has a good website and a fast-loading mobile application.

Signing up on Betfair is quite easy as well. New players are entitled to lots of welcome bonuses immediately after signing up. Also, existing players have the opportunity to claim some offers as well. Customers will get notified of these bonuses, however rare.

Betfair in-play and streaming services are excellent. The company has made some exciting additions, unlike many sports bookmakers that only offer live football streaming services. In the Betfair live streaming section, rare games like cricket and horse racing have been added to the list. Customers may not only place bets but watch live games as well.

Making deposits and withdrawals on Betfair comes with extra charges. This particular feature makes lots of customers frustrated with the platform. As it stands, it costs about 2% charges when making withdrawals; unlike other bookies, Betfair falls short in this area.

Apart from this, there are concerning issues regarding payment and withdrawal on Betfair. Mid 2011, Betfair decided to take 40% share from customers who win £250,000 and higher. This act of extortion is one of the biggest downsides of Betfair. Betfair hates to take losses.

On every win you make, expect some cut.

Irrespective of all these downsides, Betfair still ranks among the very best betting platforms in the world.

Betfair Customer Support

Betfair offers a simplified, easy-to-follow guide for customers or players who might encounter a problem or two while using the site. These FAQs can be found at the bottom section of the site. They answer so many questions players face in the course of using the site daily.

If the FAQ section doesn’t do you any good, you might want to reach out to a customer representative for assistance. Luckily, the Betfair customer representative is always available 24/7 on the following platforms;

  • Live chat available 24/7
  • Quick response time
  • Phone & email support

The Betfair customer service is believed to be excellent. Whatever the problem is, you could reach out to them within the available platforms, and they’d get back to you in the shortest time possible. For a quick response, it is advisable to reach out to customer support via telephone. Telephone details of the customer representatives are provided in the help section of the site.

Betfair Casino FAQ

\u003cstrong\u003eIs Betfair trustworthy?\u003c/strong\u003e

Yes, Betfair is a reputable gambling platform. Betfair is very reliable and secure and is licensed by the UGC (UK Gambling Commission). Betfair has thousands of users worldwide staking and cashing out daily. While they may have their downsides, they are still one of the most reliable.

Are there any free bets for new players on Betfair?

Yes. Betfair offers free bets for new customers. However, customers must sign up and make deposits to unlock free bets. The free bets change from time to time and can be worth about £100.

How long does it take to withdraw money on Betfair?

Betfair is very quick in paying its customers. However, this depends on the banking method used. Mastercard and PayPal are the fastest; they pay within 24 to 48 hours. Others might be a bit slower. The downside is that using these fast payment methods may incur extra charges.

Are Betfair’s odds really better?

This is relative. Many other gambling sites have better odds. However, the odds on Betfair are fair enough. You only get better odds when gambling against other players and not Betfair themselves.

How do I contact Betfair?

Betfair has well-structured customer services dedicated to meeting customers’ needs. The fastest way to reach them is via chat or phone call. The phone call feature is available all round the clock. There is also a self-guide that can help rectify simple issues.

Is Betfair a bookmaker or a betting exchange?

Both. Although Betfair started out as an exchange service platform. In 2012, the sports gambling market was added. Today, it ranks among the best in the world.

Can I withdraw funds from Betfair to my bank account?

Yes. Withdrawing funds with the UK express bank takes between two working days. The banks charge a small fee to use this service. Standard Bank transfer takes three work days at most.

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