World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft was first launched by Blizzard in November 2004 but in August 2019 relaunched as “Classic”. WoW Classic has brought an entire player base back that has been gone for years and the servers are packed every day. Classic is a re-release of the 2006 Original Vanilla patch 1.12.1 which was the state of the game just before The Burning Crusade.

In WoW Classic it takes ages to level up your character and most people do it in around 20 days playtime. Here at Play Against All Odds we provide you professional classic powerleveling and we are able to level up your character from 1-60 in less than two weeks. How do we do it? We use experienced farmers that will take the most efficient route depending on your class.

Farming gold in Classic is also a pain and it will take ages for you to get your epic mount. Lucky for you we sell WoW Classic Gold at $40 per 100 gold. The absolute cheapest in the business and we deliver the gold within a few hours of your order.